Fair Launch

Olympus Doge was released via a fair launch with 8,000 wsOHMD tokens distributed gradually into the liquidity pool at launch. All proceeds from liquidity wallet sales were added to the liquidity pool to deepen the protocol-owned LP.
We have chosen to launch in this way for a few reasons:
  • We have seen a lot of failed projects launched through pre-sales and the feedback from investors was that the trust in those projects was low. A pre-sale also often results in a lower liquidity to market cap ratio, which can be easily dumped when short-term minded investors exit.
  • A stealth launch with 100% of the tokens added to liquidity immediately is also detrimental. It becomes a simple race to see who gets in first, which is often investors with trading bots or simply more resources.
One of the aims of the project is to ensure longevity, with a token that benefits the long term holders and has constant price appreciation. The 8% sales tax also helps with sustainability. Our goal is to have a healthy chart that continues to trend upwards after launch and that our early investors get the benefit of some price appreciation and can take healthy profits along the way without damaging the protocol.
Our initial goal is not to find a stable price. Initially there will be volatility as there is price discovery on the open market, as more users on Dogechain are exposed to the protocol, and more capital bridges to Dogechain. The main tradeoff is volatility and profitability versus stability and consistency. With volatility and profit comes growth; this is what we want early on.
Long term, with tight policy and scale, Olympus Doge should function as a stable asset. Upward and downward pressures should stabilize at some intrinsic value - eventually that intrinsic value will be the price of DOGE. In the short term the market premium of the token measures the positive sum of the game; all extrinsic value is new wealth created and provides rewards to holders.